Shoooooootz Daniel Pinho/China Walls

I basically kick myself every time a solid swell hits Hawaii. That just means another perfect opportunity to shoot my friends scoring perfect barrels, flushed down the toilet. Thank goodness I have friends that live there full time and get to shoot every swell I miss. After seeing the swell hit Tahiti, I gave it a few days, called Jesse Uemura to get an update on the swell hitting Oahu's south shore. He said everyone was surfed out from such a consistent south. I then hit up my other buddy, Daniel Pinho, to see where he shot. Daniel sent me these amazing photos of Daniel and Keoni Jones surfing China Walls on a very solid south. I'm psyched for this summer season to start showing south swell and I'm even more psyched to get back out to Oahu and Kauai to shoot with Jesse and the boys. Oh and fuggin keep an eye out for Daniel's photos. His stuff is next level. Shoots -

Shoooooootz New Work •_____•

I got a full page ran in Alliance Wakeboard Magazine's May Issue. Super stoked.

Shoooooootz On hold for a few •_____•

If you're reading this, thank you for checking my blog. It's been months since I've posted anything. I have plenty of new work to post. Although, right now I'm focusing all my free time on my website.
I will start posting current projects again soon. Probably shortly after I shave my mustache on the 24th of May. Until then...

Shoooooootz MADDY Transworld Model Search •_____•

I'm helping out Madison with her TransWorld SURF Model Search submission. Here are a few studio shots from the studio. I really hope the next few years bring this girl great things and a lot of work. She has come a long way in the 6 months I've been shooting with her.

Shoooooootz Greens •_____•

 The grass is always greener right?

Shoooooootz Artsy AF •_____•

Yesterday my heemie Ariel Wilson ( stopped by during my lunch and let me take her portrait. Her art is next level AF! She has a bunch of shows coming up. You should go to them. Also, I'm beyond psyched to work daily with such talented artists Steve Peek and James Tull. Yewwwww

Shoooooootz Alee/Alex •_____•

Adolescents "Kids Of The Black Hole"
Listen to the song above. It's been a favorite of mine for over a decade. These photos are from about 5 months ago. Alee, Alex, and myself walked to Pappy's to get beer. Shot with a Canon EOS 1 + 15mm.

Shoooooootz Madison •_____•

This is Madison, a girl I work with at Surf Ride. She has an amazing personality and makes shooting really fun. She looks killer in black too. We shot a bunch of clothes this day and after we were all done, I grabbed my film camera and burned a roll. Shot with a Canon EOS 1 + 50mm.
Keep an eye out for Maddy in the future, and ladies, remember to shop at Surf Ride... DUH!

Shoooooootz LA •_____•

Some outtakes from a Gnarle shoot up in LA. This was at Taya's house in Manhattan Beach, one of my favorite places in California, with Taya, Ali, and Eddie, some of my favorite heemies.


Lately the weather has been mediocre in Southern California.